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Monday, 23 November 2009

Whaling: when is enough, enough?

Some time ago I came across this article and have been meaning to add it to the site here as it conveys some strong words from one of the scientific community in regard to marine science.

I recently contacted Brian Morton, the author of this article who graciously granted me permission for its usage.

Whilst it's a relatively old article (2002) it still addresses the issues which are still no nearer any resolution. Brian pulls no punches in his criticism of the IWC and of particular interest I found the comments regarding the Svend Foyn method of capture as compared with those more aboriginal means as glorified in literature.

The article is an extremely concise two pages, but makes for a worthwhile read.
It is surely now time to recognise that the IWC is a political charade which has outlived its value – if it ever had one anyway!

Source: Marine Pollution Bulletin 44 (2002) 1–2


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