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Saturday, 5 September 2009

So What’s the Deal About Whales?

Killer Whales - Orcinus Orca

There are many, many good causes to be had. All of them needing support or financial assistance, many of them fully justified in their needs and poorly recognised for their efforts. You can find worthy causes closer to home locally, domestically and even internationally.

So what makes whales so special?

For me it’s the fact that the human race has persecuted these intelligent creatures to the brink of extinction. We, the most intelligent powerful animal on the planet applies such effort and connivance in the absolutely mindless and brutal slaughter of such a creature with such abandon.

Sure, whales aren’t the only creature we inflict such cruel and unnecessary treatment. There are many others. So in truth whales aren’t really that special – it’s just that with so many battles to fight, the danger is spreading our actions so thin, being able to dedicate sufficient support to so many needy causes just isn’t affective.

Applying all of my efforts and focussing my abilities on just one campaign allows me to dedicate what little resources I have available to making more of an impact.

This doesn’t mean I have any less sympathy or appreciation of other causes. I’m not uncaring or disinterested in their situation and needs. It’s just a sad fact that my limited time and resources mean I have must allocate them wisely.

Until very recently I understood very little about whaling, even now I wouldn’t consider myself an expert. But I have done a formidable amount of research, read a wealth of material and absorbed as much knowledge as I can from a wide variety of sources. Yet still I find myself barely on the tip of an iceberg.

For me this site is a repository for my knowledgebase. Articles I’ve encountered and documents I’ve read. Of course I like to sound off about what I’ve read. I’m happy to spout my opinion and I’m not too upset about others having a different point of view. In fact I found I’ve learned just as much in heated debates contrary to my position, than I have whilst trawling around gathering my own information or discussing with others more aligned to my point of view.

Gray Whale - Eschrichtius robustus
So what I’m hoping you’ll find on this site, splashed in amongst my comments, are links to source materials or other related materials. If there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that you cannot debate effectively without having an accurate and recognised source of information. An opinion not based on fact is worthless in a debate where both parties have stern beliefs.

I’m also trying hard not to use images that are highly emotive to the cause. You’ll find enough pictures of headless and disembowelled dolphins, butchered whales and other cetacean atrocities throughout your exploration of the whaling world. These offensive images are used for a reason; they grab your attention and can have a huge instantaneous impact. They are however, a very realistic representation of the facts. This site is an attempt to balance the emotional with the intellectual. How successful I can be at that, I’ll have to let you be the judge.


Unknown said...

Blitchfield: "But Watson, you say that whales are more intelligent than people. How can you say such a stupid thing? This is stupid, this is crazy this is....."

Captain Watson: "Georg, I happen to measure intelligence by the ability to live in harmony with the natural world. By this criteria, whales are far more intelligent than we are."

Blitchfield: "That is a stupid criteria. By that stupid criteria, you could say cockroaches are smarter than people."

Captain Watson: "Georg, you are beginning to understand what I'm talking about."

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