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Welcome to the Whale Sanctuary

What's this site all about?

Well for a number of years I've been feeling the need to try to counter some of the wrongs that mankind carries out against the place we call home. I considered a number of human charities, cancer research etc. but ultimately decided that helping mankind through such intervention is tiny when considering the global consequences of our actions.

I decided rather than fund human charities that I'd take a step toward supporting the bigger picture. The overall ecology that mankind relies upon for its existence.

Further I decided that passive demonstration and pamphlet printing, whilst a step in the right direction, just wasn't effective use of the little funds I donate. If I were serious about making a change I must put my money into direct action. Fund the most active eco-group in their support of our world.

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society back their ideology with hard action. Hitting the polluters, abusers and murderers head on. Whilst remaining within the bounds of the law they carry the fight to the enemy using what can only be called "passive aggression".

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
Sea Shepherd fight a number of battles involving the Galapagos, sea cucumbers and sharks, but the one closest to my heart and I feel the most heinous of crimes are those perpetrated against the whale. So this site is for them. An expansion of my consciousness and ramblings of my learning - until recently I was unknowing, now I know better and want to share that knowledge as widely as I can.