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Like Minded Petitions

This is a list of the petitions I have signed up for so far. They are all of an ecological, conservationist nature. Please can you lend your support to these to ensure that those responsible are brought to account.

Outrageous Killing - Bring an end to the slaughter of Pilot whales in the Faroe Isles.

Stop Killing Bluefin Tuna - Tell the NMFS to stop the use of long-lines in the Gulf of Mexico that are killing endangered fish!

SAY NO TO SHARK WEEK!! - Boycott Discovery Channel for promoting Sharks as Monsters.

Ban Aerial Wolf Hunting - More than 1,000 wolves have been chased down by hunters in low-flying airplanes and killed.

End Japanese Whaling - Whales need your voice, please sign and help save them.

Stop Distribution of Shark Fins - is one of the largest online traders of seafood and other products, especially shark fin.

Stop Inhumane Shark Finning - Help stop the slaughter of sharks for their fins. Without these beautiful creatures our ocean ecosystems cannot survive.

Petition for Sea World, Gold Coast Australia - A wild though friendly and sociable bottlenose dolphin which regularly visited the area around the Port of Brisbane in Quensland.

E.U. Ban on Fishing Blue Fin Tuna - The Mediterranean Sea must be closed to commercial fishing, and especially to the fishing of the bluefin tuna.

Stop Iceland's Whale Hunting - Iceland's whaling season has begun, kicking off a bloody whale hunt that could lead to the death of 100 minke whales.

W.D.C.S - Act now to stop commercial whaling for good.

I.F.A.W - Ask Iceland to protect whales.