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A selection of interesting ocean conservation news articles that I have encountered trawling around the net.

US and EU countries officially condemn Iceland's decision on whale hunting - US, Germany, France, Portugal and Spain ... today issued a formal diplomatic position, or démarche, to the Icelandic ambassador in the UK (2 October 2009)

Aquacalypse Now - To expect aquaculture to ensure that fish remain available--or, at least, to expect carnivore farming to solve the problem posed by diminishing catches from fisheries--would be akin to expecting that Enzo Ferrari’s cars can solve gridlock in Los Angeles.
The New Republic (28 September 2009)

Protected Whales Found in Japan's Supermarkets - For more than a decade, members of her team — including conservation geneticist C. Scott Baker of Oregon State University's Marine Mammal Institute — have been periodically sampling whale-meat products from stores, markets and restaurants in Korea and Japan. Both nations have a long heritage of eating whales.
Science News (24 September 2009)