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Sunday, 23 August 2009

Icelandic Whaling

With Iceland trying to bouy its failed economy by creating jobs in the whaling industry and expecting to export 90% of its whale catch, is this a realistic proposition? Can they expect to export such a huge amount of whale meat each year? It equates to the entire annual stockpile (4,000 tonnes) already held by Japan. Are the Japanese going to suddenly double their consumption and disposal of whale meat?
The whale meat market in Japan is too small to consume the extra large amount of whale product that Icelandic whalers hope to export to Japan. Since most of the citizens have chosen to no longer eat whale meat, Japan is in a situation where even the government is unable to get rid of the huge stockpile of whale meat produced by its own whaling programme. Dealing in whale meat in the nation has become a loss making, low-credibility business that even the national fishing industry avoids. A director of Asian Trading Co. Ltd., who was in charge of the recent whale meat import from Iceland, has told Greenpeace that there is no market in Japan and that he is not planning another import from Iceland.


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